• BEST innovative proposals Fair puppet Lleida 2007;
  • ACCESS TO uniqueness and consistency of PORPOSTA STAGING Those Umore, Ventana 2007;
  • Special Jury Mention ARCA Aguilar Festival of campoo 2007;

From a camp on the coast we arrive at Cisco, Anita and Ramon, dragging the caravan theater. To fit in 19 spectators to display a puppet-show inherited a grandfather Portuguese.

With the style of puppets "Dolls of St. Alexius", argument of sketches adapted from 1900 and live music in the sound of a ukulele, try to teach, in 10 minutes, evils of a priest, a mother and a couple who wants to get married.

A brief show between street theater and puppets. Show for all ages, particularly suitable for adults. The total duration is 20 minutes, which 10 sound titelles dins trailer. Video Here!


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